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Featured Here is most of my displayed collection. I hope to have more in the future, but this should be enough to get you started. Feel free to contact me about any of my displays and let me know if you like it or hate it.

Along with my collection I've started what's sure to be the most detailed vintage figure archive available on the internet. Be sure to stop by my action figure showcase to see for yourself. Also, check out some of my other special sections with picture and wallpapers only found at the Rogue Collection!

-Special Sections-

Poster Archive
Here you will find customized wallpapers featuring the original theatrical one-sheets!

Action Wallpapers
Some of my favorite diorama scenes captured as detailed 1024x768 wallpapers with a few action enhancements!

Vintage Figure Showcase
By far one of the coolest new wallpaper sections. A growing collection of detailed vintage figure profiles.

Novel Timeline
A nice timeline featuring all of the Expanded Universe novels as well as the originals. Also a great guide if you interested in collecting the Star Wars Hardback books.

My eBay auctions.


Most recent updates:
Vintage Collection (Oct 2004)
                                  Jabba's Palace (Oct 2004)
                                             Classic Trilogy Display 1 (Oct 2004)


-Main Displays-

Vintage Collection

Jabba's Palace

Classic Trilogy Display 1

Mos Eisley

Mos Eisley Cantina

The Emperor's Arrival

Book Shelf / Miscelaneous

Hoth Battle









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